CloudTalk is a cloud-based business phone system, which allows you to make and receive calls on any device from wherever you are. It works using apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone & Android which allow you to make and receive calls on your business phone numbers, view your user and team call activity and manage your settings and preferences instantly.


A powerful cloud-based replacement for your business phones.

CloudTalk is an all-in-one, cloud-based phone system for business. It brings your entire phone system together in simple, powerful desktop & mobile apps which allow you to work anywhere you like, without the downsides or complexity of traditional telephony. With a huge range of numbers available you can create a local presence from any area of the UK, or port in your existing numbers free of charge.

Why CloudTalk?

Powerful & Reliable Cloud-Based System

CloudTalk is cloud-based, built and hosted right here in the UK. The use of modern technologies means high call quality via the desktop and mobile apps, whilst great attention to design ensures that CloudTalk is easy to use no matter how technically literate you are.

A Truly Anywhere Solution

CloudTalk uses powerful desktop & mobile apps along with your internet/ data connection to run your phone system from anywhere. Whether making & receiving calls, responding to changing business priorities or listening back to recordings, you can do it instantly, wherever you are.

Encourage Collaboration & Delight Your Customers

Modern businesses tend to work flexibly and on the move. Traditional phone systems are just not designed to cope effectively with this, but CloudTalk is different. Maintain communication with your colleagues and customers at all times and integrate CloudTalk with your CRM application to save your colleagues’ time and get more done.

Cost Effective

With no legacy or line-based hardware required, you’ll find that your productivity is boosted and cost-base reduced by allowing your co-workers to access CloudTalk using their own devices.

Drive Productivity & Get More Done

Nobody needs a phone system that takes ages to set up and manage. The chances are you’re already using other SaaS-based tools for email, accounting, CRM and recognise the productivity and simplicity benefits that they give you. So why not with your phone system too?

How does CloudTalk work?

Simple, intuitive apps

CloudTalk runs in simple apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. You can simply download and your system is ready to use. No installation is required and setup takes a matter of minutes. CloudTalk gives you everything you need in an easy to use interface, which you don’t need a degree in astrophysics to operate.

Make & receive calls anywhere

CloudTalk uses data and WiFi networks to make and receive calls via the apps. Integrating with your mobile device seamlessly, the experience is the same as that for an old-school SIM-based call. We also provide automated call forwarding for those rare times that there’s no internet connection available.