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Desk phones

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Adding a desk phone

Desk phones can be added to your user account by adding the device from within the CircleLoop desktop app.  To add a phone:

  • Open the desktop app
  • Navigate to Settings > Devices
  • Select the option to Add device
  • Choose the Desk Phone option
  • Select the make and model of your phone from the dropdowns (please note that at launch only Snom D715 phones can be provisioned)
  • Enter the MAC address from your phone - this will be printed on the box or alternatively available within the phone settings
  • Click Add Desk Phone
  • Then plug in or restart the desk phone and CircleLoop settings will be downloaded - the phone may restart several times as the updates and settings are applied
  • Once successful, the phone will display your name showing it's registered to your user account
  • Please note: Transfers are not currently possible using the desk phone itself must be carried out from the desktop apps as detailed below (mobile apps will add this feature in the next update)

Transferring calls

When on a call using a desk phone, call transfer for inbound calls can be performed using the desktop app on Windows or Mac.

  • Whilst on a desk phone call, the desktop app will display the in-call screen
  • To carry out a transfer, select the transfer option then select the name of the person/team/menu to transfer the call to
  • Attended and unattended transfers can then be carried out as detailed here

Selecting a phone number to dial from

Calls from a desk phone use the default number you have selected in your account.  If you've been assigned multiple numbers, before making a call, you can change the number displayed as the CallerID using any of the CircleLoop apps

  • Open a CircleLoop app
  • Go to Settings > Numbers
  • Select the number you need to dial out from
  • Then dial the number you wish to call from the desk phone and the number selected as your default number will be displayed as your callerID.

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