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Setting up your out-of-hours

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You can decide when you don't want to receive calls by managing your out-of-hours settings.

By default, you'll be set up with out-of-hours disabled, which means that you're available to take calls at any time.


Your out-of-hours availability applies for both calls made directly to you or calls to a team when you're a member of the team. Please note however that your out-of-hours settings though (redirect to voicemail, to another user or another number), only apply when you're called directly.

Enabling out of hours

Setting availability

  • Log into the CloudTalk desktop or mobile app
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Calls from the menu
  • In the Out of hours section, first enable the switch to display the days of the week and the out of hours settings
  • Click each day and select whether you're available:
    • Available all day
    • Unavailable all day
    • Unavailable at certain times
  • Repeat the process for each day of the week
  • In the out-of-hours settings, you'll need to decide what should happen when you're unavailable

Out of hours settings

Select one of the following options:

  • Ask to leave a voicemail
  • Redirect to a user or team
  • Redirect to another number
Ask to leave a voicemail

With this option selected, calls will be sent to voicemail after 25 seconds if not answered.  The default voicemail greeting is:

"The person you called is not available at the moment. Please leave a message after the tone." 

A custom voicemail greeting can be added by either clicking the record button and using your computer's microphone to record the message, or by uploading a pre-recorded greeting.  Please note that only mp3 files can be uploaded.  To convert other audio formats to mp3, we would recommend using a free tool such as  Audacity.

Redirect to a user or a team

Unanswered calls can be sent to another user or team.  Select this option then simply select the user or team to redirect calls to.

Redirect to another number

Finally, unanswered calls can be forwarded onto an external number.  Forwarding to an external number is charged based on the number entered in the same way an outbound call is charged for.  When forwarding calls, there are 2 additional options that can be selected:

Announce calls - tick this option to force the person answering the call to press 1 to accept the call.  This is done to ensure that a person has answered the call and it hasn't reached an external voicemail service such as somebody's personal voicemail on a mobile number.

Present dialled  number  - tick this option to show the number that has been dialled by the caller and not the number the person is calling from.  This helps recognise CloudTalk calls separately to other calls received on the forwarding number.

Disabling out of hours


To turn off out-of-hours and make yourself available all the time, simply disable the switch at the top of the out-of-hours section when editing your call settings.  All days, times and existing settings are preserved and will be used if out-of-hours is enabled at another time.

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